8 Christmas traditions from around the world

"Discover global holiday magic in 8 festive traditions! 🌎🎄 #ChristmasAroundTheWorld"

1. Hanging Advent calendars in Germany

"German joy unfolds daily in hanging Advent calendars, a festive countdown tradition."

2. Decorating fir trees in Europe

"Europe's adorned firs: festive elegance gracing homes. #ChristmasTraditions"

3. Noche de las Velitas in Colombia

"Colombia's Noche de las Velitas: Illuminating joy with festive lights. 🕯️🎇"

4. Celebrate Christmas on January 7th in Ethiopia

"Ethiopian Christmas: Jan 7th festivity, rich traditions. Discover the unique joy! 🇪🇹🎄 #EthiopianChristmas"

5. Giving poinsettias in Mexico

"Mexico's holiday spirit blooms with gift-giving—poinsettias bring warmth and joy. 🇲🇽🎁 #MexicanTradition"

6. La Quema del Diablo in Guatemala

"Guatemala's La Quema del Diablo ignites holiday magic! Discover the fiery tradition. 🔥🇬🇹 #ChristmasInGuatemala"

7. Midnight mass in Rome

"Vatican echoes with Christmas hymns at Midnight Mass, Rome's sacred tradition. #MidnightMassRome"

8. Réveillon de Noël in Québec

"Québec's Réveillon de Noël: A merry fusion of feasts, laughter, and French flair. Joyeux Noël!"